This experience was priceless

“Over the last few years the state of my mental health has become my main focus as depression and anxiety began ruling my life. Every day began feeling heavier than the last and each minute a battle to conserve energy. I read every self- help book I could get my hands on and turned to spirituality, but for some reason it was not working. After having my baby I knew things had to change. I was not going to be able to have the time or energy to fight the depression anymore. I had spent years trying to organize and reorganize my life to balance just so that the depression would stay in check, but it would no longer be possible with a baby.

I was afraid to go on medication, afraid of the potential side effects. So I began researching my different options. I had done traditional therapy in the past and it had only temporarily helped with my depression. All of my past traumas and negative experiences continued to dominate my thoughts. That is when I reached out and decided to try something new. I went to my first hypnotherapy appointment and after only 8 sessions my life has completely changed. My approach to life has become colorful again and creative. I no longer feel ruled by the past, but looking forward again to the future.

My favorite part was that I did not have to talk during sessions if I did not want to, there was no rehashing of traumatizing life events. Now, I cannot remember the last time I felt anxious or depressed. I can look down at my baby and feel the pure joy of being a mother. This experience was priceless. Thank you Maude.“ *

Sacramento, CA

*Results may vary person to person.