Confidence with Exams

“I was recommended to Sacramento Hypnotherapy for help with preparing for the GRE exam. After years of struggling with test-taking anxiety, I was looking for any solution to help me feel more confident in tests. Hypnotherapy did that and so much more. Brad did a wonderful job of making me comfortable on my first visit, and I really felt like he listened to me and honed in on what I wanted to work on. Every session, he truly supported me in my process, taking the time to address any obstacles between me and taking the test. With every session, I felt more confident, more self-assured, and more grounded, not only around the GRE, but with every aspect of the grad school application process. The day of the GRE exam, I felt nervous, but using the tools Brad provided me, I was able to overcome those nerves and take the exam with ease. I never knew I could thrive like that on a standardized test! Brad was great to work with, and I look forward to continue using hypnotherapy – it truly is life-changing.”*

-Lilian, Sacramento

*Results may vary person to person.