Maude Schellhous, CCHT – Sacramento Hypnotherapist

Maude Schellhous, Hypnotherapist SacramentoMaude Schellhous founded Sacramento Hypnotherapy following completion of training as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (CCHT) in 1995. She then achieved her Certificate of Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in 1999, and has since helped thousands of people reach their goals and often achieve what they did not think was possible.

It is Maude’s belief that discovering inner wisdom holds a path to many different areas of our subconscious where we can unlock blockages that can hold us back mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. She continues to grow as a Hypnotherapist, and is most proud when her clients achieve their goals. As Sacramento Hypnotherapy has continued to grow Maude has added mentor ship and training hypnotherapists into her practice by request.



Success Stories:

“When I contacted Maude I truly felt if I didn’t get some help right away my very life was in danger. For approximately 3yrs I had been unable to eat food. I had an episode of choking on some food and my fear of choking became worse with each passing week. I was unable to enjoy traditional family dinners, I could no longer go out to eat with friends, I was missing out on life. I reached a panic point where I was even having trouble consuming liquids and after a panic attack I contacted Maude. She arranged to see me very quickly after telling me she was sure she could help me. Her approach to my problem made me feel confident that I could get better with her help. I continue to make progress with her help, I am not all the way back yet but I do continue forward confident in the thought that she will get me through this. Maude has truly saved my life.”

RC/ Roseville Ca

“Maude’s therapy sessions are one of the best intangible investments I’ve made in years -with very tangible results!

Skeptical and misinformed as I was about hypnosis, I had tried many traditional treatments without complete satisfaction. Extreme stress, accumulated anxiety and self-directed anger were symptoms that my clinical decade-long depression brought along. Psychotherapy and medications seemed endless and left my problems unresolved.. My mental abilities of composure, concentration and focus -my best tools during transitional periods- seemed to have vanished, I felt disoriented even in the in the most mundane activities, and my relations with loved ones deteriorated each day.

After a few weeks of sessions with Maude, it was hard for me to believe how quick and easy hypnotherapy was working for me: Mental blocks and weaknesses disappeared, and I returned to my usual peaceful, cheerful state of mind. My connections with people I care for are again positive and harmonious. And during the whole treatment, I was always conscious and in control.”

Juan Orosco, Folsom-California

“I thought I had hit a dead end before I met Maude. I was suffering constant panic attacks and was dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety that I couldn’t overcome. My quality of life was suffering dramatically and I was not a pleasant person to be around. It seemed like each problem I had just fed the others and everything kept getting worse and worse like a downward spiral. Finally someone suggested I give hypnotherapy a try. I am pretty much a man of science and facts and always have been skeptical of alternative health, but when you hit the rope’s end, you are willing to give anything a try, and I am so happy I did because as of today I have not had a panic attack in over 6 months and life is about as good as I can ever remember it all thanks to Maude. I actually found her on Yelp and was convinced from the reviews that she was the one who could help me and I am so happy I was correct!

For those of you skeptical of hypnotherapy, take it from a former skeptic, it works! It is really weird at first I admit, but after a few sessions I had tremendous breakthroughs. I can’t even explain to you how nice it is to have joy and happiness back in my life. I am able to deal with whatever life throws at me now thanks to the tools and techniques Maude taught me. I have never been more self-confident and just plain happy – which is a complete 180 from the anxiety that had haunted me previously. I have already sent a few friends and family members for Maude to help them with their respective issues and she has healed each one of them. So if you are on the fence, just give Maude a call or email – you will not be disappointed!”

Chris P.
West Sacramento